Do Cats Like Being Held?

Cat owners often have various questions about their pets, which mainly include the random behaviors shown by the animals. It is often that they ask why their pets do not like to be held. Many cats can be picked up and held high, and do not object to the same, but some of these animals actually display bad behavior – especially when held by strangers. Here are a few explanations why some cats do not like to be held.

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Some cats like to keep to themselves

For many cats, getting familiar to people can be as much as issue as getting familiar to other cats. This is complicated for many people to understand, given that they fail to realize why cats get scared or even take offense. Cats like to take their own sweet time to adjust to a person, even their owners.

Some cats get scared more easily

When you pick cats up, they often get terrified more easily than various other pets. You need to be understanding and gentle with them. The sight of strange or unfamiliar people often makes them flee to a corner, especially when they find such individuals approaching them.

Few of them are actually socialized

The problem is compounded in cats that are not in contact with a lot of people. Cats that are born and reared in a cranny are likely to show some feral tendencies. If they are handled every day, they will not show a fearful response. This should best be done when the cats are still small, so that they get habituated to handling from early on.

They meet the wrong people while growing up

Just as humans abused during their childhood often develop an aversion to touch or physical intimacy, cats carry memories of their trauma of being badly handled by bad humans. If a cat is cruelly handled regularly at some point of time, it is likely to display an aversion to being handled – whether by good or bad humans. It will not be able to make out a difference between the two.

Could be due to the breed

Keep in mind that the aversion to handling could be due to the type of breed. Maine Coons are loving, soft cats that do not object to being picked up. The majority of the Abyssinians show a similar response. Ragdolls actually like being handled. However, some breeds are averse to being picked up.

Best Cats for Small Children

Scientific studies have shown that kids who tend to grow up with pets develop more positive qualities. They are found to be more empathetic and caring towards other animals and people, and have more social and communication skills. They usually have a more outgoing personality. However, some cat breeds are better to keep around children than others. Find out about some of the best types of cats for children but be sure you are equipped with some top quality pet urine carpet cleaner as small children tend to scare pets especially cats and this can cause them to have accidents.


This is a cat breed that likes to be loved and also shower others with love. These are smart cats and can absorb training just like a sponge. These cats are not very active, and are best for kids who like to stay indoors and are not too much into games and sports. However, these would accompany your children while taking a walk outdoors. Kids can read aloud to these cats and sharpen their reading skills.

Exotic Shorthair

This type of cat has a laid back and easy-going personality, just like a Persian, and does not out up any pretence. But unlike the Persian, these are not aloof or have to be groomed a lot. These cats are soothing to have in the home, and can quietly greet children when they come back home from school. The cats love soft caresses, a warm lap and a small amount of playing time during the evening.


These cats are gentle and soft voiced, and are as limp as a ragdoll when they are picked up. The pets love attention without actually demanding it. These only need a small amount of “mouse fishing” prior to dinnertime, or taken around the neighborhood for a family walk. If you begin early, these can easily and comfortably be leash-trained.


These are quieter than Siamese cats but have a higher level of activity as compared to Persian cats. The Himalayan cats are like to be indoors and are great for kids who love the indoor life. They like to be showered with affection, and are naturally inclined to give love to kids and bond with them for as long as they live.

Maine Coon

It is among the most loved cat breeds of American origin. It shows patience even with children who are active. The cats have a calm nature and can easily adjust to even kids with an erratic disposition. They can accompany kids during exercises and runs around the parks, and are the perfect canine companions for fetch games.

What Tools Do I Need To Start My Own Garden?

Gardening can be a very rewarding job, as few other things can be as satisfying as having a nice flower bed with the blooms of your choice or the vegetables that you would like to eat. However, you have to spend hours into your garden and also need proper tools to help you tend to your garden space. Know about some important tools that you need to start your own garden. A quality red dot sight can help you line up your garden fences and plant boxes very accurately.


You need a shovel with a rounded end, which can be ideal for digging tasks – particularly for smaller shrubs and planting trees.

Garden Hoe

This is perfect for weeding jobs and cultivating the soil surfaces, thus allowing plants to take deeper roots and penetrate the soil more easily to get water and nutrients. You can find various kinds of garden hoes for creating seed furrows, weeding and more. The diamond-shaped and heart-shaped hoes happen to be the most popular ones. Every gardener has a hoe of his own preference and the kind of gardening that he does.

Bow Rake

This tool is ideal for leveling the surface of the soil, and to prepare it for planting or for the removal of rocks or huge lumps from the soil. You can benefit from a bow rake that is heavy duty in construction, and has short tines on a side affixed to a ‘bow’ or metal frame.

Garden shears

Choose a pair of garden shears that you can hold and use comfortably. Shears, sometimes referred to as ‘clippers’, are used to shape, prune and remove branches or foliage.

Spading Fork

It is required for opening up soil and improving it. It appears similar to a pitchfork, but comes with wider tines and a shorter handle. A spading fork is used for breaking the ground up and digging down into hard textured soil.


It looks just like a shovel, but its point has a square end to make beds and lots straight. You can use a spade to turn and aerate soil and mix in all the important nutrients.

Garden Hose

It can be used for watering garden. The diameter of the hose of your choice should depend on how much you need to water in your garden, and how fast.

Sprinkler Can

You need a sprinkler can with long nozzles, to ensure that water flows at a very gentle rate and can cover long distances. Look for a can with a detachable spray head, so that young seedlings can be watered perfectly.

What are the best electric cars for kids?

There are many options available for electric cars for children. They are being so uniquely designed you as an adult might feel he need to take one for a ride yourself. These toys are certainly a favorite of many children. There are some that are designed with 4×4 models and some can tackle off road terrain. An electric car such as this could very easily be the best toy you ever got your child. Learn more about the best electric cars for kids in 2019

The Tough Talking Wrangler from Power Wheel

Fisher-Price has made another excellent toy. It is spacious and full of features with working doors. It comes equipped with a radio that plays tunes perfect for the little one that has a thing for singing. It is equipped with a twelve-volt battery, two speeds and maximum speed of five miles per hour.

Razor Electric Buggy

The Dune Buggy is perfect for the kid that loves to race. It is capable of reaching speeds up to ten miles per hour and it boasts a three-hundred-and-fifty-watt motor. This is more suitable for your older child, some one that is older than eight years. This is a great toy that you can use to reminisce while providing your kid with thrills.

The Fisher-Price Dune Racer

This kid’s toy is designed to cope with tough terrain. It has a powerful drive system capable of plowing through even wet grass on rugged wheels. The toy is made from very sturdy material and will protect your child for injuries. It offers two driving speeds and is able to get up to five miles per hour. The dune buggy comes with an automatic braking system that is activated the moment your child releases the gas.

The Power Wheel Ford F-150

This toy is perfect for your sidewalk or in your driveway. Your children will love playing with the Power Wheel for hours. It can also manage tougher terrain and drives comfortably. It comes equipped with a twelve-volt battery, a jack for MP3s and a working radio. It offers two speed for driving and able to reach maximum speeds of five miles an hour. The toy comes with a speed lock out that will allow out relegate their speed until you are comfortable with their skills. The toy comes with a power locking brakes as well to give your child further safety. This toy will provide hours of fun for you child driving through the backyard and down the sidewalk. It has enough space that your child can invite a friend for a fun adventure in the backyard.

Best movies/videos to watch with your baby

Being pregnant is hard work. One definitely deserves a relaxing couple of hours on the sofa with your feet up. With a good bowl of popcorn, grab the tissues and press play. Whether you’re looking to learn, laugh or cry, here are some of the best pregnancy movies Netflix offers while you’re expecting.

Top five movies/videos to watch for maximum entertainment:

Babies: Of the pregnancy documentaries out there, this one ranks among our favorites. It follows four human babies from around the world during the first year of their lives, and proves that no matter their nationality or culture, babies are just babies. And they’re universally adorable.

Juno: This film is a heartwarming, sarcastic, emotional, coming-of-age teen pregnancy movie. 16-year-old Juno (Ellen Page) gets pregnant by her pal and boyfriend, Paulie (Michael Cera), and decides to give the baby up for adoption. Juno’s caring dad and stepmom are awesome. Cera’s and Page’s smile-worthy dialogues and prospective adoptive parents played by Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner are also great. It is one of the wittiest pregnancy movies around.

Knocked up: A one-night stand between Alison (Katherine Heigl) and Ben (Seth Rogen) would have stayed the same if the duo didn’t accidentally make a baby that night. It’s heartwarming and hilarious to watch this pair of opposites, she’s a hard-working journalist and he’s a stoner, tackle the task of getting to know each other and preparing for a baby.

Baby mama: Real-life mamas team up in this hilarious comedy about a single, career-oriented woman, Kate (Fey), who hires an immature, crazy lady, Angie (Poehler), to be her surrogate. Angie moves in with Kate and she lies about being pregnant, then Angie actually gets pregnant, but it’s her own baby with her ex-husband. There are some solid laughs in this silliest of pregnancy movies.

Away we go: Verona (Maya Rudolph) and Burt (John Krasinski) are expectant parents on a zigzagging journey across the country, trying to figure out where and how, exactly to raise their budding family. With each encounter with friends and family, the couple learns about what parenting skills to shore up, what to avoid and how to weed through all the kooky advice out there. In the end, it’ll make you think about what “home” really means (and offer some good laughs along the way).

Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

Can cats eat dog food? This is a question that many cat owners, who also own dogs, often have for their vets and pet experts. Truth be told, occasional nibble of foods for dogs might not hurt a cat but feeding dog meals to cats over the long term can of course be dangerous for them. Felines should avoid regular consumption of foods formulated for dogs and only have meals that are labeled specifically for them. Find out why having dog foods everyday can be bad for them.

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Dog diets lack Vitamin A supplements

The nutritional requirements of cats vary a lot from that of dogs, and they can get malnourished if they are fed a dog diet. Vitamin A is an important nutrient that cannot be converted in the bodies of cats, and is a unique requirement for the diet of felines. The main role of this vitamin is to improve and preserve the health of eyes and skin. It is also important for other tissues in the bodies of cats. Unlike dogs’, cats’ bodies cannot convert beta carotene into Vitamin A. Cats’ livers should have enough Vitamin A for the daily functioning and sustenance of its body. You need to get a Vitamin A-rich food supplement in the diet of your cat. Cat diets with Vitamin A are important.

Dog diets lack Thiamine

Cat diets should have 5 times more thiamine as compared to that of dog diets. Cats with poor thiamine levels suffer from a poor posture and inferior quality coat, as well as show signs of poor appetite. Some cats can also suffer from seizure and eventually die. Cats that are fed a poor diet can suffer from a deficiency of thiamine. This might happen when cats consume plenty of freshwater, uncooked fish. It has an enzyme that leads to thiamine destruction. Cat diets are specially formulated with thiamine.

Dog diet lacks in Arachidonic Fatty Acid

Diets for canines only require linoleic acid. Cats, however, require both arachidonic and linoleic acids from foods that are animal-based. In case you let cats consume canine foods, they can suffer from a deficiency of the fatty acids that are needed for maintaining their coat and kidneys. Feed appropriate foods rich in arachidonic and linoleic acids to your cats, so that they get nourished with proper nutrients. Dog foods happen to be much drier, and cat diets comprise of foods that are more hydrated.

When Do Children Start Walking?

It is nothing short of a wonderful experience to watch your children develop into toddlers from babies, and ultimately start talking. However, babies actually are different from each other and thus every child begins to learn new skills and start walking at his own pace. Dads and moms are usually worried and often ask when babies, on an average, start walking. The general answer to this is that they start once they are ready. However, if you want to know about the signs of walking as per months, read on.

If you have a pet make sure they have a leash around small children.  Pitbulls need the best leash more than other dogs!

6 to 9 months

Your little one will learn how to sit up without any help, and then start with crawling. Some babies tend to avoid crawling and progress directly to walking. However, they usually return and start crawling at some point. That is the milestone for infants immediately before they begin to walk, and you should note this down as a result.

9 to 12 months

During this time, your little one will start hauling himself / herself to a standing posture while grabbing a piece of furniture. He will be capable of standing up without any help for a few moments at a time, and will start figuring out how to return to sitting from a standing posture. He will also start cruising or walking while grabbing something to enjoy stability. Although your baby walks during this time, it is not walking in the proper sense of the term. If your child is unable to even sit up without assistance during this time, you should consult a pediatrician.

12 to 18 months

During this period, your baby grows into a toddler as he toddles about. In other words, he can walk – although it might be in an unsteady or wobbly fashion. Consult your pediatrician in case your little one has not started to walk by 15 months of age. Although it is still in a normal range, 15 months happens to be a good time when you should check with a pediatrician so that any problems can be resolved early.

It is worth noting that a few kids are naturally more conscious compared to others. They might wait until they feel ready enough to walk. You might not even realize that your child is a cautious one, but a few signs can be tell-tale. For instance, he might take a few steps now and then but avoid going for longer distances. On the other hand, a non-cautious child might not mind falling down for a few times while trying to walk.

What Cats Don’t Shed?

It is a truth that many homes tend to avoid domesticating cats due to the fear of hair deposits and allergies. If you like cats and would love to have them, but hate that they shed so much hair, you can of course go for some of the cat breeds that shed hardly any hair. With less hair, there will be less to clean on rugs, clothing, furniture etc and better health to enjoy due to fewer allergens. Find out which cats do not shed hair.


This is regarded as a “hairless” breed, and tends to shed extremely less amount of hair as these have very sparse and short hair. Look closely, and you can find these cats have an extremely fine downy hair layer that covers the whole body. There is minimal amount of hair and dander with this cat breed.

Cornish Rex

Its coat has an unusual curl resulting from a genetic mutation. It has very soft, wavy, short and fine-textured hair and petting these cats feels similar to stroking velvet. Although these shed hair, it is only minimal. This cat is a joy to have around.


This is a very attractive cat breed that has a fine, short coat and can easily be maintained as these have shed only minimal hair. You only need to groom it every week with a fine toothed comb, for removing all the dead hair and for the distribution of skin oils. When you regularly remove dead hair from the coat, there is extremely less amount of shedding. These are very people-friendly cats, and like to relax on the lap of their owners or roam about with them around the home.

British Shorthair

The feline breed comes from Rome, and is mellow in behavior. It can easily be groomed and maintained. You only need to brush its coat regularly and remove all traces of dead hair. The cat has a dense coat, and lacks an undercoat. Thus, its fur has a rich look and there is least amount of shedding.

Japanese Bobtail

This breed is native to the Japanese islands, and is among the most primitive cat breeds that exist in nature. The bobbed tail of this cat breed is its most unique feature. It is a single-coated cat and shed only minimally, mainly during the spring season. You should comb its fur regularly, so that dead fur can be removed and new growth is promoted.

Educational Toys

Magic, Magic and More Magic!

Let me describe just one of many.

New !!! Lance Burton Video Magic One of America’s most popular magicians, Lance Burton mesmerizes audiences with his dazzling magic and unbelievable artistry. Lance Burton Video Magic features Lance performing a number of favorite tricks, plus pieces to perform 50 other outstanding magic tricks! Look carefully! Lance also reveals the secrets of some of his favorite magic. $26.95.

Wooden Toys

Tube Sorting – (Above left.) Nine colorful cylinders to sort, match or nest. Ages 18 months up. Catalog #825312…$18.00.

Counting Frame – (Not shown.)Ten rows of counting beads. Ages 3 years up. Catalog #822486…$41.00.

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Caterpillar Bead – (Above right.) Cute sorting toy on an elastic string. Manipulate the triangle shape tail through the colored body sections. Lace back up by matching the body sections to the colored bead. Ages 3 years up. Catalog #825322…$15.00.

Tie-up Shoe – (Below) Learn to tie your shoes with this adorable lacing toy! Ages from 3 years. Catalog #825318…$6.50.


Is it hot, hot, hot, or Ho, Ho, Ho?

Generally, the hot summers months consist of activities such as barbecues, baseball, swimming and just plain lounging around the house. We all try to “beat the heat” as best we can. Many knitters have found that the best way to stay cool is to knit! But “what can I knit?” you ask.

Hmm… how about a nice Christmas Stocking, or that sparkling Holiday Scarf you saw in our store that you always wanted but had no time to make? So go ahead and choose that special holiday project, grab a cold glass of ice tea, position yourself in your favorite chair and begin working away. To aid you in your winter project decision-making process, we have listed a few affordable ideas below:

Pop Up Paws – The amazing convertible mitten pattern! Pop Up Paws make use of our Ireland yarnand create a festive Summer project! Created by Mary Dockman with a choice of 5 sizes to knit, these mittens are sure to please. The pattern books are available for $5.00.

Punti and Karat Scarf – Dazzling, graceful, yet easy to knit. Free Patterns? Is anything really free in this world? We would like to offer to our customers some ideas and free patterns for this project.

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Socks, Socks Socks! – You still did not join us for our day full of fun and excitement? Pick a yarn, either classic or a little crazy! Believe me, you will love it! But you have to try it !!!

New Yarn: Mosaico – 15% alpaca, 15% merino wool, 20% acrylic, 20% nylon, 30% rayon. It feels like my merino-mulberrysilk blend which retails for…$240.00! But keep reading, don’t get scared! Each ball of Mosaico retails for only $6.95.

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