Educational Toys

Magic, Magic and More Magic!

Let me describe just one of many.

New !!! Lance Burton Video Magic One of America’s most popular magicians, Lance Burton mesmerizes audiences with his dazzling magic and unbelievable artistry. Lance Burton Video Magic features Lance performing a number of favorite tricks, plus pieces to perform 50 other outstanding magic tricks! Look carefully! Lance also reveals the secrets of some of his favorite magic. $26.95.

Wooden Toys

Tube Sorting – (Above left.) Nine colorful cylinders to sort, match or nest. Ages 18 months up. Catalog #825312…$18.00.

Counting Frame – (Not shown.)Ten rows of counting beads. Ages 3 years up. Catalog #822486…$41.00.

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Caterpillar Bead – (Above right.) Cute sorting toy on an elastic string. Manipulate the triangle shape tail through the colored body sections. Lace back up by matching the body sections to the colored bead. Ages 3 years up. Catalog #825322…$15.00.

Tie-up Shoe – (Below) Learn to tie your shoes with this adorable lacing toy! Ages from 3 years. Catalog #825318…$6.50.


Is it hot, hot, hot, or Ho, Ho, Ho?

Generally, the hot summers months consist of activities such as barbecues, baseball, swimming and just plain lounging around the house. We all try to “beat the heat” as best we can. Many knitters have found that the best way to stay cool is to knit! But “what can I knit?” you ask.

Hmm… how about a nice Christmas Stocking, or that sparkling Holiday Scarf you saw in our store that you always wanted but had no time to make? So go ahead and choose that special holiday project, grab a cold glass of ice tea, position yourself in your favorite chair and begin working away. To aid you in your winter project decision-making process, we have listed a few affordable ideas below:

Pop Up Paws – The amazing convertible mitten pattern! Pop Up Paws make use of our Ireland yarnand create a festive Summer project! Created by Mary Dockman with a choice of 5 sizes to knit, these mittens are sure to please. The pattern books are available for $5.00.

Punti and Karat Scarf – Dazzling, graceful, yet easy to knit. Free Patterns? Is anything really free in this world? We would like to offer to our customers some ideas and free patterns for this project.

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Socks, Socks Socks! – You still did not join us for our day full of fun and excitement? Pick a yarn, either classic or a little crazy! Believe me, you will love it! But you have to try it !!!

New Yarn: Mosaico – 15% alpaca, 15% merino wool, 20% acrylic, 20% nylon, 30% rayon. It feels like my merino-mulberrysilk blend which retails for…$240.00! But keep reading, don’t get scared! Each ball of Mosaico retails for only $6.95.

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