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When Do Children Start Walking?

It is nothing short of a wonderful experience to watch your children develop into toddlers from babies, and ultimately start talking. However, babies actually are different from each other and thus every child begins to learn new skills and start walking at his own pace. Dads and moms are usually worried and often ask when babies, on an average, start walking. The general answer to this is that they start once they are ready. However, if you want to know about the signs of walking as per months, read on.

If you have a pet make sure they have a leash around small children.  Pitbulls need the best leash more than other dogs!

6 to 9 months

Your little one will learn how to sit up without any help, and then start with crawling. Some babies tend to avoid crawling and progress directly to walking. However, they usually return and start crawling at some point. That is the milestone for infants immediately before they begin to walk, and you should note this down as a result.

9 to 12 months

During this time, your little one will start hauling himself / herself to a standing posture while grabbing a piece of furniture. He will be capable of standing up without any help for a few moments at a time, and will start figuring out how to return to sitting from a standing posture. He will also start cruising or walking while grabbing something to enjoy stability. Although your baby walks during this time, it is not walking in the proper sense of the term. If your child is unable to even sit up without assistance during this time, you should consult a pediatrician.

12 to 18 months

During this period, your baby grows into a toddler as he toddles about. In other words, he can walk – although it might be in an unsteady or wobbly fashion. Consult your pediatrician in case your little one has not started to walk by 15 months of age. Although it is still in a normal range, 15 months happens to be a good time when you should check with a pediatrician so that any problems can be resolved early.

It is worth noting that a few kids are naturally more conscious compared to others. They might wait until they feel ready enough to walk. You might not even realize that your child is a cautious one, but a few signs can be tell-tale. For instance, he might take a few steps now and then but avoid going for longer distances. On the other hand, a non-cautious child might not mind falling down for a few times while trying to walk.

Best Cats for Small Children

Scientific studies have shown that kids who tend to grow up with pets develop more positive qualities. They are found to be more empathetic and caring towards other animals and people, and have more social and communication skills. They usually have a more outgoing personality. However, some cat breeds are better to keep around children than others. Find out about some of the best types of cats for children.


This is a cat breed that likes to be loved and also shower others with love. These are smart cats and can absorb training just like a sponge. These cats are not very active, and are best for kids who like to stay indoors and are not too much into games and sports. However, these would accompany your children while taking a walk outdoors. Kids can read aloud to these cats and sharpen their reading skills.

Exotic Shorthair

This type of cat has a laid back and easy-going personality, just like a Persian, and does not out up any pretence. But unlike the Persian, these are not aloof or have to be groomed a lot. These cats are soothing to have in the home, and can quietly greet children when they come back home from school. The cats love soft caresses, a warm lap and a small amount of playing time during the evening.


These cats are gentle and soft voiced, and are as limp as a ragdoll when they are picked up. The pets love attention without actually demanding it. These only need a small amount of “mouse fishing” prior to dinnertime, or taken around the neighborhood for a family walk. If you begin early, these can easily and comfortably be leash-trained.


These are quieter than Siamese cats but have a higher level of activity as compared to Persian cats. The Himalayan cats are like to be indoors and are great for kids who love the indoor life. They like to be showered with affection, and are naturally inclined to give love to kids and bond with them for as long as they live.

Maine Coon

It is among the most loved cat breeds of American origin. It shows patience even with children who are active. The cats have a calm nature and can easily adjust to even kids with an erratic disposition. They can accompany kids during exercises and runs around the parks, and are the perfect canine companions for fetch games.

Educational Toys

Magic, Magic and More Magic!

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Wooden Toys

Tube Sorting – (Above left.) Nine colorful cylinders to sort, match or nest. Ages 18 months up. Catalog #825312…$18.00.

Counting Frame – (Not shown.)Ten rows of counting beads. Ages 3 years up. Catalog #822486…$41.00.

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Caterpillar Bead – (Above right.) Cute sorting toy on an elastic string. Manipulate the triangle shape tail through the colored body sections. Lace back up by matching the body sections to the colored bead. Ages 3 years up. Catalog #825322…$15.00.

Tie-up Shoe – (Below) Learn to tie your shoes with this adorable lacing toy! Ages from 3 years. Catalog #825318…$6.50.