Do Cats Like Being Held?

Cat owners often have various questions about their pets, which mainly include the random behaviors shown by the animals. It is often that they ask why their pets do not like to be held. Many cats can be picked up and held high, and do not object to the same, but some of these animals actually display bad behavior – especially when held by strangers. Here are a few explanations why some cats do not like to be held.

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Some cats like to keep to themselves

For many cats, getting familiar to people can be as much as issue as getting familiar to other cats. This is complicated for many people to understand, given that they fail to realize why cats get scared or even take offense. Cats like to take their own sweet time to adjust to a person, even their owners.

Some cats get scared more easily

When you pick cats up, they often get terrified more easily than various other pets. You need to be understanding and gentle with them. The sight of strange or unfamiliar people often makes them flee to a corner, especially when they find such individuals approaching them.

Few of them are actually socialized

The problem is compounded in cats that are not in contact with a lot of people. Cats that are born and reared in a cranny are likely to show some feral tendencies. If they are handled every day, they will not show a fearful response. This should best be done when the cats are still small, so that they get habituated to handling from early on.

They meet the wrong people while growing up

Just as humans abused during their childhood often develop an aversion to touch or physical intimacy, cats carry memories of their trauma of being badly handled by bad humans. If a cat is cruelly handled regularly at some point of time, it is likely to display an aversion to being handled – whether by good or bad humans. It will not be able to make out a difference between the two.

Could be due to the breed

Keep in mind that the aversion to handling could be due to the type of breed. Maine Coons are loving, soft cats that do not object to being picked up. The majority of the Abyssinians show a similar response. Ragdolls actually like being handled. However, some breeds are averse to being picked up.