What Cats Don’t Shed?

It is a truth that many homes tend to avoid domesticating cats due to the fear of hair deposits and allergies. If you like cats and would love to have them, but hate that they shed so much hair, you can of course go for some of the cat breeds that shed hardly any hair. With less hair, there will be less to clean on rugs, clothing, furniture etc and better health to enjoy due to fewer allergens. Find out which cats do not shed hair.


This is regarded as a “hairless” breed, and tends to shed extremely less amount of hair as these have very sparse and short hair. Look closely, and you can find these cats have an extremely fine downy hair layer that covers the whole body. There is minimal amount of hair and dander with this cat breed.

Cornish Rex

Its coat has an unusual curl resulting from a genetic mutation. It has very soft, wavy, short and fine-textured hair and petting these cats feels similar to stroking velvet. Although these shed hair, it is only minimal. This cat is a joy to have around.


This is a very attractive cat breed that has a fine, short coat and can easily be maintained as these have shed only minimal hair. You only need to groom it every week with a fine toothed comb, for removing all the dead hair and for the distribution of skin oils. When you regularly remove dead hair from the coat, there is extremely less amount of shedding. These are very people-friendly cats, and like to relax on the lap of their owners or roam about with them around the home.

British Shorthair

The feline breed comes from Rome, and is mellow in behavior. It can easily be groomed and maintained. You only need to brush its coat regularly and remove all traces of dead hair. The cat has a dense coat, and lacks an undercoat. Thus, its fur has a rich look and there is least amount of shedding.

Japanese Bobtail

This breed is native to the Japanese islands, and is among the most primitive cat breeds that exist in nature. The bobbed tail of this cat breed is its most unique feature. It is a single-coated cat and shed only minimally, mainly during the spring season. You should comb its fur regularly, so that dead fur can be removed and new growth is promoted.