What Tools Do I Need To Start My Own Garden?

Gardening can be a very rewarding job, as few other things can be as satisfying as having a nice flower bed with the blooms of your choice or the vegetables that you would like to eat. However, you have to spend hours into your garden and also need proper tools to help you tend to your garden space. Know about some important tools that you need to start your own garden. A quality red dot sight can help you line up your garden fences and plant boxes very accurately.


You need a shovel with a rounded end, which can be ideal for digging tasks – particularly for smaller shrubs and planting trees.

Garden Hoe

This is perfect for weeding jobs and cultivating the soil surfaces, thus allowing plants to take deeper roots and penetrate the soil more easily to get water and nutrients. You can find various kinds of garden hoes for creating seed furrows, weeding and more. The diamond-shaped and heart-shaped hoes happen to be the most popular ones. Every gardener has a hoe of his own preference and the kind of gardening that he does.

Bow Rake

This tool is ideal for leveling the surface of the soil, and to prepare it for planting or for the removal of rocks or huge lumps from the soil. You can benefit from a bow rake that is heavy duty in construction, and has short tines on a side affixed to a ‘bow’ or metal frame.

Garden shears

Choose a pair of garden shears that you can hold and use comfortably. Shears, sometimes referred to as ‘clippers’, are used to shape, prune and remove branches or foliage.

Spading Fork

It is required for opening up soil and improving it. It appears similar to a pitchfork, but comes with wider tines and a shorter handle. A spading fork is used for breaking the ground up and digging down into hard textured soil.


It looks just like a shovel, but its point has a square end to make beds and lots straight. You can use a spade to turn and aerate soil and mix in all the important nutrients.

Garden Hose

It can be used for watering garden. The diameter of the hose of your choice should depend on how much you need to water in your garden, and how fast.

Sprinkler Can

You need a sprinkler can with long nozzles, to ensure that water flows at a very gentle rate and can cover long distances. Look for a can with a detachable spray head, so that young seedlings can be watered perfectly.